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Zheng's Traumatology - Treatment, medicine formulae, and application in sports injury

By Mr. Liao Yuanpeng

Zheng's Traumatology is established by, Prof. Zheng Huaixian, a famous Chinese medicine practitioner and Kung-Fu master. It is one of the important branches of orthropaedic medicine in China. As it is developed progressively through the practice in sports and Kung-Fu, its treatment and medicine formulae are specially designed for sports injury. Close to 70% of the medical practitioners in sports teams in China have learnt about the Zheng's Traumatology. And almost all the sports teams apply the Zheng's Traumatology in treating injuries. The major topics to be covered in this presentation will include treatment and medicine formulae of Zheng's Traumatology: the traditional medicine prescriptions, special acupuncture points, and their applications in sports injury.

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