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Direct Financial Support to Athletes

Since 2007-08, enhanced direct financial support to athletes has been launched, with increased funding from the Government. This is to provide elite athletes with a more financially stable environment to undergo training and compete in Major Games.

There are four funding schemes for the support to elite athletes:

1. Elite Training Grant (ETG)

The ETG is provided to HKSI Scholarship Athletes of Elite Sports (Tier A) and elite athletes of non-Elite Vote-Supported Sports under the Individual Athletes Support Scheme.

2. Sports Aid Grant (SAG)

The SAG provides direct financial support to elite athletes of non-Elite Vote-Supported Sports not under the Individual Athletes Support Scheme, and elite athletes of Elite Sports (Tier A) not under the HKSI Sports Scholarship Scheme.

3. Sports Aid Grant for Athletes with Disabilities (SAGD)

The SAGD provides direct financial support to Hong Kong athletes with demonstrated performance and potential to achieve or maintain success in the international sports arena.

4. Individual Athletes Support Scheme (IASS)

Athletes of non-Elite Vote-Supported Sports and secondary disciplines of Elite Sports (Tier A) who meet the funding criteria will be provided with a programme funding via their respective National Sports Associations (NSAs) to support their additional elite training needs.