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Jockey Club Elite Athlete Education Support Programmes - Elite Athlete Continuing Education Subsidy (Level 1 & 2)



  The Elite Athlete Continuing Education Subsidy (EACES) aims at providing different levels of financial support for eligible HKSI Scholarship Athletes to pursue further education by taking education programmes and training courses in recognised educational institutions. Applicants have to obtain the approval of Head Coach to support their applications and eligible application will be provided with subsidy after vetting and approval of related authorities.


Eligibility of Applicant


Applicants who are -

  1. Current HKSI scholarship athletes; or
  2. Retired athletes who have withdrawn from the HKSI Sports Scholarship Scheme, will be considered for support. Applicants should complete the study programme and submit application within the support grace period which is 1-year at maximum following the withdrawal date.


Eligible Sporting Result and Level of Support

Level of Support Sporting Results Criteria Max. level of Subsidy
Level 1 Medallist (> 9 entries) or top 1/3 (≤ 9 entries) at an Elite Vote point 3 level, or equivalent or above, in Junior competition
(according to the Elite Vote Scoring Table)
40% of tuition fees will be reimbursed, subject to a max. sum of HK$10,000 (whichever is the less), on successful completion of the reimbursable course
Level 2 Medallist (> 9 entries) or top 1/3 (≤ 9 entries) at an Elite Vote point 3 level, or equivalent or above, in Senior competition
(according to the Elite Vote Scoring Table)
80% of tuition fees will be reimbursed, subject to a max. sum of HK$20,000 (whichever is the less), on successful completion of the reimbursable course



Eligibility of Study Programme/Course

  The following scope of courses are eligible:
  1. Recognised courses of different levels (i.e. Degree/Associate Degree/Higher Diploma/Diploma/Certificate levels) offered by either local or overseas educational institutions.
  2. Primary and Secondary school education programmes.
  3. Sport related courses (e.g. NSCA-CPT and HKPFA), exam preparation courses for language (i.e. TOEFL, SAT, IELTS etc.) and professional training courses (e.g. LCCI and ACCA).
  4. Virtual school (e.g. master degree course) and distance learning courses.
  5. Other courses directly related to applicants’ professional career development.

Applicants should also note the following requirements:
  1. The course to be applied for education subsidy have been completed and obtained a passing grade within the previous academic year, at the time of application.
  2. Applicants who have received financial support from other organisations/institutions to cover the tuition fee of the applied course in full, these courses are not eligible for this education subsidy, for example, grants and loans are received from the Student Finance Office, University Sports Subsidy Scheme, the Local Education Allowance from the HKSAR Government and Hong Kong Athletes Fund (HKAF) etc..
  3. If applicants whose programmes/courses have already been partially subsidised by other funding sources, they can only submit application for remaining courses that had not been subsidised. Please note that applicant needs to declare at the time of application (if any) and provide supporting information.


Application Procedures

  1. EACES is open for application two times a year and applicants could only submit application during either ONE of two application periods, usually in July or January. (Amendment effective form 2018/19)
  2. If the programme lasts less than one year, application should be submitted upon the completion of the programme. If the programme lasts for more than one year, applicants should submit their application after completing at least one semester’s study.
  3. Completed application form (with endorsement of Head Coach), together with annual tuition fee receipt (original copy), academic transcripts and/or further information, should be submitted to the Athlete Affairs Department on or before the deadline of application specified.
  4. Application details and forms are obtainable from the Athlete Affairs Department.


Regulations on Reimbursement

  1. Applicants should be eligible HKSI Sports Scholarship athletes currently (or who has withdrawn from HKSI Sports Scholarship Scheme but not exceed more than 1 year) at the time of application.
  2. Applicant should be a HKSI Sports Scholarship athlete during the study period of the course applied for EACES subsidy.
  3. Applicants can only receive support through the Subsidy for ONE programme/ course ONLY and ONCE A YEAR for each successful application. The reimbursement would be calculated based on the course/ tuition fee paid for the study programme for application.
  4. To be eligible for subsidy, study programme/ year of study should be completed within the previous year at the time of application. If a study programme/ year of study was completed NOT in the previous year but EARLIER, applicant needs to provide a written justification for special consideration.
  5. Regarding the reimbursement for a particular school term/ semester of the year of study, only the subjects/ modules that are completed with a passing result would be eligible for reimbursement. For such applications, the reimbursement would be calculated on pro-rata basis of the modules completed in that school term/ semester of that study year (for example, by subjects/ credit points).


Important Note

The EACES is made on the basis of actual reimbursement of tuition fees. It is the responsibility of applicants to notify the HKSI if they have received any other financial support from the Student Financial Assistance Agency and other organisations for the programme/ course to be claimed by EACES.


[ Application Guideline & Form (PDF) ]

** The above criteria and procedure are subject to review periodically