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Player Welfare Industry in Australia in 2006

By Ms Sonia Francis

The player (athlete) welfare industry is an integral part of professional sport in Australia. In 1995, the athlete welfare industry was in its infancy. It was primarily delivered by government-funded bodies such as national and state sporting institutes. These programmes were focused predominantly on career and education advice, and, media training. Nowadays, private sporting bodies such as Professional Sporting Leagues make significant investment in player welfare programmes via Collective Bargaining Agreements with their respective Player Associations. These refined programmes offer a range of welfare services to players during and post career. Player Associations now have considerable influence on player welfare policies and funding. However, as the player welfare industry matures and the professional sport employment landscape for athletes becomes more sophisticated there is a growing interest in the future direction of the player (athlete) welfare industry. A six-month study has recently been completed on the industry and the facts and emerging trends will be presented at this seminar.

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