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Keynote Presentation

Practical Workshop

Keynote Presentation 1 :

Irrational Performance Beliefs: Rational Emotive Behaviour Coaching  (REBC) within Sport.

Speaker: Dr. Martin J. Turner

The reported application of REBC (REBT applied in performance settings) is growing in research and professional practice literature. Broadly, the evidence-base indicates that REBC is received well, and is demonstrably effective, in sport settings. In a recent review Dr. Turner opened up some debate about the extent to which irrational beliefs could hinder performance, and whether irrational beliefs can be accurately aligned with motivational frameworks. This talk introduces delegates to REBC theory and explores the recent developments in this applied research area, detailing new studies that examine the relationships between irrational performance beliefs and outcomes such as anxiety, anger, depression, burnout, self-determined motivation, and performance. From the recent research, pertinent theoretical issues will be raised and a critical approach to the area will be taken. Practical applied issues stemming from Dr. Turner’s consultancy experience within performance settings will also be covered, exploring the integration of REBC into high performance environments.

Keynote Presentation 2 :

The evolution of sport psychology provision at the Olympics

Speaker: Dr. Sean McCann

This presentation focus on the history and evolution of applied sport psychology at the Olympic Games, with a primary focus on the last 30 years in the United States Olympic and Paralympic movement.  Historic issues addressed will include: the challenge of moving from research to application; early resistance and challenge to applied sport psychology at the Games; administrative and political issues impacting sport psychology’s role at the Games; aspects of the Olympics and Paralympics that present access challenges for sport psychologists; and, the shifting roles of sport and clinical psychology at the Games.  The presentation will also include perspectives on the current international landscape for Olympic sport psychology and integrate how the changing.

Practical Workshop 1 :

The Application of Rational Emotive Behaviour Coaching (REBC) with athletes and coaches.

Speaker: Dr. Martin J. Turner

High-level sport can be a results-driven and ego-oriented climate for athletes, which can inspire many dysfunctional and distorted beliefs, cognitions, emotions, and behaviours, that often require psychological intervention. Following on from his Keynote talk, Dr. Turner uncovers how REBC can be applied in sport settings by athletes and coaches. The application of REBC in sport follows the ‘Smarter Thinking’ framework, where the practitioner actively and directly guides the athlete though specific phases of REBC using one-to-one or group-level interactions. The workshop will inform delegates about how REBC can be used with athletes, providing a recap on the theory of REBC, and engagement in practical activities that apply the theory. Dr. Turner will debate the challenges of using REBC and discuss the method by which REBC can be integrated into the performance environment. Delegates will leave with an understanding of some key techniques and tools that are used with athletes.