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About ASPC

Association of Sport Performance Centres (ASPC)

Background of the ASPC

  • The Association of Sport Performance Centres (ASPC), formerly the International Association of High Performance Sports Training Centres (IAHPSTC) was conceived in Barcelona on 11 September 2001 by a group of personnel representing High Performance Training Centres from around the world.
  • In recent years, the ASPC has become formalized and has established a Secretariat in Catalonia, Spain, hosted at the Centre d’Alt Rendiment de Sant Cugat del Valles, Barcelona.


Background of International Forum on Elite Sport

  • The ASPC has hosted the International Forum on Elite Sport every two years since 1999.
  • The goal of the biennial forum is to explore ways to better collaborate across the world, to provide an opportunity for sharing of best practices and for professional development of the leaders of high performance training centres.
  • The biennial forums have been held on ten occasions.  The year and location of each forum is listed in the following table.


Episode Year Location
I 1999 Sydney, Australia (Before the formal establishment of the ASPC)
II 2001 Barcelona, Spain
III 2003 Loughborough, England
IV 2005 Montreal, Canada
V 2007 Beijing, China
VI 2009 Colorado Springs, USA
VII 2011 Paris, France
VIII 2013 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
IX 2015 San Juan, Puerto, Rico
X 2017 Durban, South Africa
XI 2019 Barcelona, Spain
XII 2024 (New date after postponement) Hong Kong, China
XIII 2023 Paris, France