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Wushu Team Excels at Taolu World Cup

18 November 2018

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The wushu team captured 6 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals at the 2nd Taolu World Cup held in Myanmar, with Chen Suijin, He Jianxin and Liu Xuxu each contributing 2 gold medals.

Competition Event Athletes Position
2nd Taolu World Cup
(Yangon, Myanmar)
Women’s Daoshu Liu Xuxu 1st
Women’s GunshuWomen's Nandao  Liu Xuxu 1st
Women's Nandao  He Jianxin 1st
Women's Nangun He Jianxin 1st
Women's Taijijian Chen Suijin 1st
Women's Taijiquan Chen Suijin 1st
Men's Taijijian Hui Tak-yan 2nd
Men's Taijiquan Hui Tak-yan 2nd
Men's Nandao  Leung Cheuk-hei 3rd
Men's Taijijian Zhuang Jiahong 3rd