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Hong Kong Team’s First-ever Elite Training Science & Technology Support Centre at the Olympics

21 July 2021

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Elite training science and technology is indispensable to the success of Hong Kong athletes in preparation for Major Games. The HKSI and the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China (SF&OC) join hands to set up, for the first time, Elite Training Science & Technology Support Centre (Support Centre) for the Olympic Games, with an aim of providing more extensive support services to athletes ranging from strength & conditioning, sport nutrition, sport psychology to sports recovery. Among the HKSI sports science experts, five members are medical officials of the Hong Kong Delegation while another 16 are deployed at the Support Centre to provide individualised support to Hong Kong Olympians.   

The Support Centre, located at Chuo-ku of Tokyo and approximately five kilometres far from the Olympic Village, is in operation from 18 July to 6 August 2021. Occupying 1,500 square feet, the Support Centre is furnished with various sports recovery equipment, nutrition supplements and cooking facilities so that athletes can receive timely support to cope with the tight competition schedule.

The 16 HKSI staff members stationed at the Support Centre include four sports science experts; three sports psychologists; two strength & conditioning coaches; two sport nutritionists; two massage therapists; a physiotherapist; a Chinese manual therapist and an administrator. Since the deployed staff have closely monitored the training arrangement, physical and psychological conditions of the athletes during the routine training at the HKSI, they have had thorough understanding about the individual needs of the athletes and thus are able to provide more comprehensive and tailored support services to optimise athletes’ performance.

The HKSI staff will work closely with the medical officials of the Hong Kong Delegation and provide services to the athletes in the Olympic Village as needed and on a daily basis. In line with the anti-pandemic measures laid out by the Olympic organiser, the Support Centre offers dedicated transportation to commute athletes, coaches and supporting staff to and from the competition venues and the Olympic Village.

Establishing support centres outside Olympic venues is a common practice for many sporting powerhouses. The first-ever Support Centre for the Hong Kong Delegation is definitely a meaningful outcome of the gigantic effort made by the SF&OC and its close collaboration with the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, considering the limited number of people allowed to access the facilities of the Tokyo Olympic Games during the pandemic. It is believed that setting up of the Support Centre can add mileage to Hong Kong Olympians for their pursuit of excellence in the international sporting arena.