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HKSI Chairman Congratulates HK Delegation for the Fifth Medal

05 August 2021

The Hong Kong Olympic Delegation made an unprecedented achievement by bagging two medals on the same day. Following the bronze medal of the women's table tennis team this afternoon, Lau Mo-sheung won another bronze for Hong Kong in the newly added karatedo event. Up to now, Hong Kong has won 1 gold 2 silver 2 bronze, a total of five Olympic medals. Dr Lam Tai-fai SBS JP, Chairman of the HKSI, congratulated the Delegation again for bringing extraordinary glory to Hong Kong. He thanked the athletes and coaches for their hard work and never-give-up spirit to enable the HKSAR flag to hang high on the world's top sports arena, winning glory for Hong Kong and make Hong Kong people proud. The athletes’ achievement shows the power of sports to unite the society.

Lau Mo-sheung made history for Hong Kong by winning a bronze medal in the newly added karatedo event in the Tokyo Olympic Games. In the women’s kata event, Lau Mo-sheung played multiple sets of punches which demonstrated her flexibility and speed, and successfully defeated world's top opponents. Since there will be no karatedo events in the Paris Olympic Games, this medal is even more precious.

Besides, cyclist Lee Wai-sze competed in the women's keirin event today. Although she failed to enter the finals and finished in eighth place, her tenacious fighting spirit was really admirable. Dr Lam highly praised Lee Wai-sze for being able to stand tall in the highly competitive cycling arena for many years, constantly winning medals and bringing glory for Hong Kong. It is commendable and awe-inspiring.

The HKSI will, as usual, continue to effectively use the Government resources to lead local elite sports development and it will also work closely with the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China and the National Sports Associations to bring local elite sports to a new height. Last but not least, the HKSI hopes the Government can invest more resources to develop local sports.

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