29 January 2020

Special Announcement

To tie in with the response level under the "Preparedness and Response Plan for Novel Infectious Disease of Public Health Significance" being raised to Emergency Response Level and avoid people from gathering, the Hong Kong Sports Institute will temporarily suspend all the Community Sports Programme until further notice. Refund will be arranged for those people who enrolled in Batch 120 and A20WJ. Please visit our website for the latest information about the Community Sports Programme.

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Medal Success for Hong Kong Junior Wushu Team

26 August 2019

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The Hong Kong junior wushu team captured a total of 21 medals, comprising 4 gold, 11 silver and 6 bronze medals, with an outstanding performance at the 10th Asian Junior Wushu Championships held in Brunei Darussalam.

Competition Event Athletes Position
10th Asian Junior Wushu Championships
(Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam)
Children Girls' Daoshu Tsang Cho-kiu 1st
Junior Girls' Nandao He Jada Nicole 1st
Junior Girls' Nanquan He Jada Nicole 1st
Youth Girls' Nangun Lau Po-yan 1st
Children Boys' Changquan Ho Ching-hin 2nd
Children Boys' Qiangshu Ho Ching-hin 2nd
Junior Boys' Sanda 48kg Jankins Lam 2nd
Youth Boys' Nandao Ngan Lok-man 2nd
Youth Boys' Nanquan Ngan Lok-man 2nd
Youth Boys' Duilian Kwok Kwan-ho
Leung Yat-sing
Ngan Lok-man
Children Girls' Changquan Tsang Cho-kiu 2nd
Junior Girls' Nangun He Jada Nicole 2nd
Youth Girls' Daoshu Michelle Yeung 2nd
Youth Girls' Duilian Lau Po-yan
Michelle Yeung
Yim Wing-tung
Group Exhibition  He Jada Nicole
Ho Yu-fung Gore
Kwok Kwan-ho
Edith Lam
Lau Po-yan
Lee Yan-him
Leung Yat-sing
Ngan Lok-man
Michelle Yeung
Yim Wing-tung
Children Boys' Gunshu Yeung Cheuk-yin 3rd
Youth Boys' Daoshu Kwok Kwan-ho 3rd
Youth Boys' Gunshu Kwok Kwan-ho 3rd
Youth Boys' Sanda 52kg Ho Ho-wang 3rd
Children Girls' Gunshu Kung Long-yi Candice 3rd
Youth Girls' Nandao Lau Po-yan 3rd