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HKSI Scholarship Athletes Achieve Encouraging Results at HKCEE

10 August 2005

(From left) Yeung Hiu-ching (fencing), Chan Yin-kwong (wushu), Au Yuen-mei (table tennis), Lai Ka-long (tenpin bowling), Fan Lok-sze (triathlon), Ho King-fun (triathlon), Wu Kit-ting (triathlon), Lam Ka-tsun (triathlon), Chiu Ka-kei (squash), Li Kwun-ngai (table tennis), Wong Tsz-yan (triathlon), Lau Hui-man (fencing) and Lai Hiu-man (fencing). Read More

Group photo of the Hong Kong Delegation of the 2(From left, front row) Yeung Hiu-ching (fencing), Au Yuen-mei (table tennis), Fan Lok-sze (triathlon), Wu Kit-ting (triathlon), Chiu Ka-kei (squash), Wong Tsz-yan (triathlon), Lau Hui-man (fencing) and Lai Hiu-man (fencing). (From left, back row) Chan Yin-kwong (wushu), Lam Ka-tsun (triathlon), Li Kwun-ngai (table tennis), Lai Ka-long (tenpin bowling) and Ho King-fun (triathlon). Read More

26 Scholarship Athletes of the Hong Kong Sports Institute (HKSI) sat this year's Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination (HKCEE). Of them, 70.4% have obtained five subject passes, which included Chinese, English and Mathematics. This represents an encouraging increase of 16.4% on the previous year.

Among them, squash player Chiu Ka-kei and table tennis player Li Kwun-ngai have obtained the best results. Chiu achieved 3B2C2D and will continue Form 6 in Belilios Public School while Li attained 2B4C2D and will continue studies in La Salle College. Swimmer Chan Yu-ning, table tennis player Au Yuen-mei and triathlete Wong Tsz-yan will continue Form 6 studies in Heep Yunn School. Wushu performer Law Wai-nok will be promoted to Form 6 in TWGH Chen Zao Men College while triathlete Wu Kit-ting will continue studies in Diocesan Girls' School.

In overall, 12 athletes will be promoted to Form 6 while eight plan to further their studies in The Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education. Three athletes will take the associate degree courses, two including sprinter Tang Yik-chun and windsurfer Ma Kwok-po still consider to change to full time training and one will repeat study in Form 5.

Squash player Chiu Ka-ki, who helped the girls' team to win the newly concluded World Junior Championships, is satisfied with her HKCEE results. "The life as an athlete makes me more self-disciplined and trains me to better allocate the time in both training and study," said Chiu. "I am confident that I can take care of both sport and study in the future."

Wu Kit-ting shared her tips for preparing the examination. She said "I joined a local competition during my preparation of the examination. It did not hinder my study, but made me feel great and relax after joining the competition. We have to study daily and well plan our schedule before the examination. I believe I have managed both study and sports training very well."

Amy Chan, Athlete Affairs Manager at the HKSI, is delighted with the results, saying, "The outstanding results achieved by our athletes demonstrated their determination, positive attitude and the sportsmanship not only in the sport, but also in study. Athletes have to pay extra effort in getting good results in examinations as they have limited time for study and most were done after long hours of intensive training. They act as role models for those around them and to the next generation".