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HKSI’s Response to HKSAR Government's Purchase of Paris Olympics and Paralympics Broadcasting Rights

09 April 2024

The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Mr John Lee Ka-chiu GBM SBS PDSM PMSM announced today the HKSAR Government had purchased the broadcasting rights for both Paris Olympics and Paralympics for three licensed broadcasting channels and the Radio Television Hong Kong.  Mr Tony Choi Yuk-kwan MH, Chief Executive of the HKSI welcomes and shows support to this arrangement, believing it will be a significant step in fostering sport development in Hong Kong.

Mr Choi said, ‘Free broadcasting of the Olympics and Paralympics enables the public a deeper understanding and support towards Hong Kong athletes, thereby strengthen athletes’ recognition and popularity. By creating a positive impact on the professionalism and promotion of sports in the community, it allows citizens to have a better understanding on the latest international standards and development of sport, which is beneficial for the long-term sport development in Hong Kong.’

The upcoming Olympics and Paralympics will be held in Paris, France from late July to early September. Mr Choi believed that the acquisition of the broadcasting rights by the Government can encourage local public to root for Hong Kong athletes, as well as advocate SAR Government’s initiatives of enhancing professionalism and development of sports as an industry.

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