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Appointments to the Hong Kong Sports Institute Board of Directors

17 April 2015

The HKSI is pleased to announce the appointment of the HKSI’s Board of Directors for a term effective from 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2017.

Mr Carlson Tong Ka-shing SBS JP and Mr Matthias Li Sing-chung are re-appointed as the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the HKSI Board respectively, while Mr Michael Lee Tze-hau JP, former member of the Board, is newly appointed as the Vice-Chairman.

Nine members are re-appointed, namely, Mr Raymond Fan Wai-ming JP, Mr Kenneth Fok Kai-kong, Ms Denise Ho Suk-chun, Mr Adam Koo, Mr Karl Kwok Chi-leung MH, Mr Lam Cheuk-yum, Mr Jonathan McKinley JP, Ms Malina Ngai Man-lin JP, and Dr Kelvin Wong Tin-yau JP.

Seven members are newly appointed to the Board, including Professor Stephen Cheung Yan-leung BBS JP, Mrs Jenny Fung Ma Kit-han BBS JP, Mr Hui Yung-chung BBS JP, Hon Ma Fung-kwok SBS JP, Miss Genevieve Pong Chung-yi, Mr Newman Tsang Yiu-man, and Ms Anna Wong Wai-kwan.

Mr Tong said, “I am honoured to have been re-appointed as the Chairman of the HKSI, and on behalf of other members of the Board, I would like to welcome the seven new members on board and express our gratitude to the seven outgoing members for their invaluable contribution and unwavering support in enhancing sports development in Hong Kong over the past years.”

“With the completion of the HKSI Redevelopment Project, I look forward to working closely with all the members of the new HKSI Board on the next five-year strategic plan so that the HKSI can fully take advantage of our new world-class facilities and equipment with an aim to assisting athletes in scaling new heights in the international sporting arena.  In the new term, the HKSI Board will continue to maintain our clear focus on realising the HKSI’s vision of becoming the region’s elite training systems delivery leader, helping athletes to achieve increased international sporting success, in particular the soon approaching Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.  At the same time, we will continue the HKSI’s strategic plan to promote athletes’ whole person development including the provision of flexible education support so that besides training and competition, athletes can access appropriate education to enable them to pursue a dual career path,” Mr Tong added.

The following is the membership list of the new Board of Directors of the HKSI:

Mr Carlson Tong Ka-shing SBS JP

Mr Michael Lee Tze-hau JP
Mr Matthias Li Sing-chung

Professor Stephen Cheung Yan-leung BBS JP
Mr Raymond Fan Wai-ming JP
Mr Kenneth Fok Kai-kong
Mrs Jenny Fung Ma Kit-han BBS JP
Ms Denise Ho Suk-chun
Mr Hui Yung-chung BBS JP
Mr Adam Koo
Mr Karl Kwok Chi-leung MH
Mr Lam Cheuk-yum
Hon Ma Fung-kwok SBS JP
Mr Jonathan McKinley JP
Ms Malina Ngai Man-lin JP
Miss Genevieve Pong Chung-yi
Mr Newman Tsang Yiu-man
Dr Kelvin Wong Tin-yau JP
Ms Anna Wong Wai-kwan