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Developing Coaches

The HKSI has established a comprehensive range of coaching services to meet the needs of athletes and local sports development. Our Coach Education Department is responsible for implementing the Coach Education Programme and the Coaching Awards in Hong Kong on behalf of the Hong Kong Coaching Committee (HKCC), which is a joint committee of the SF&OC and the HKSI.

Hong Kong Jockey Club Coach Education Programme

Funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust with a donation of HK$15.01 million for a period of four years from November 2019, the Hong Kong Jockey Club Coach Education Programme (HKJCCEP) aims to ensure quality and internationally benchmarked coaching is maintained at all levels of sports to drive the long-term development of sports in Hong Kong.

The HKJCCEP has three main components: the Jockey Club Elite Coaching Development Programmes, the Jockey Club Coaching Accreditation Programmes, and the Jockey Club Community Education and Coach Recognition Programmes. Due to the pandemic, programmes under the HKJCCEP were primarily conducted online in 2020/21, benefiting a total of 2,355 coaches.

Coaches Benefited from HKJCCEP in 2020/21


Coach Education & Accreditation Programmes Organised

Degree Programme
QF-accredited Courses
Introductory Courses
Seminars & Talks

2019 Jockey Club Hong Kong Coaching Awards

The annual Jockey Club Hong Kong Coaching Awards presentation ceremony was held online for the first time on 27 March 2021 to recognise the hard work of 205 dedicated coaches who nurture Hong Kong athletes to pursue outstanding sporting results in both regional and international sporting arenas. The ceremony was officiated by Mr Tsui Ying-wai, the then Secretary for Home Affairs. A total of 246 nominations were received for the 2019 Awards in seven categories: Coach of the Year Awards, Distinguished Services Award for Coaching, Coach Education Award, Best Team Sport Coach Award, Coaching Excellence Awards, Community Coach Recognition Awards and School Coach Recognition Awards. Recipients of the individual awards were as follows:

Coach of the Year Awards - Senior Athletes, Individual Sport
Shen Jinkang (Cycling)
Coach of the Year Awards - Senior Athletes, Team Event
Liew Nammin (Para Badminton – Physical Disability)
Coach of the Year Awards - Junior Athletes, Individual Sport
Herve Dagorne (Cycling)
Coach of the Year Awards - Junior Athletes, Team Event
Dick Leung (Squash)
Distinguished Services Award for Coaching
Winfield Zee (Windsurfing)
Coach Education Award
Dr Louie Hung-tak (Canoe)
Best Team Sport Coach Award
Paul John (Rugby)

A total of 116 coaches were awarded the Coaching Excellence Awards, while the Community Coach Recognition Awards were presented to 41 coaches. Forty-one full-time teachers received the School Coach Recognition Awards to honour their efforts towards promoting sports in local schools.

28th Jockey Club Elite Coaches Conference

The 28th Jockey Club Elite Coaches Conference, co-organised by the HKCC and the All-China Sports Federation, was held as a video-based programme with a viewing period from 25 January to 26 February 2021. Five videos were presented by sports and medical experts from mainland China and Hong Kong under the theme “Controlling the Spread of Infectious Diseases in Sport”. Over 300 coaches enrolled.

Other Courses & Seminars

In addition to exchanging coaching knowledge with local and overseas counterparts, regular courses and seminars were also organised for coaches at all levels from community to elite, so as to help them develop the latest skills, enhance their level of recognition and facilitate career advancement.

The Bachelor of Education in Sports Training Programme, organised by Beijing Sport University (BSU) and administered by the HKSI, is the first degree course in sports training delivered in Chinese. The qualification is equivalent to a degree from BSU and widely recognised in other countries. Twenty-seven students were admitted to the new 2020 Class, including eight elite athletes from fencing, swimming, tennis and wushu. Since receiving its first intake in 1999, the programme has nurtured many elite athletes and professional coaches in Hong Kong. As of 31 March 2021, a total of 99 students had completed the course, while 42 are in the midst of their studies.

Two new cohorts of the Foundation Certificate in Sports Coaching Theory (FSC) course commenced in May and October 2020 respectively; and one cohort for the Certificate in Advanced Sports Coaching Theory (ASC) course in March 2021. The FSC and ASC were accredited by the Qualifications Framework (QF) of the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications at QF Levels 2 and 3 respectively. In addition, six Introductory Sports Coaching Courses were held for community level coaches.

During the year, nine seminars and talks were also held under the Jockey Club High Performance Coaches Development Programme and the Jockey Club Continuing Coach Education Programme on coaching profession, with nearly 1,800 coaches and members of the public attending.

A total subvention of HK$610,000 was provided by the HKCC to NSAs to organise 76 short-term coach education and recognition programmes, which collectively benefited about 4,000 coaches.