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I. Sporting Achievements

II. Other News

The Hong Kong team achieves a historic result of 154 medals at the 2007 Special Olympics World Summer Games

Congratulations to the Hong Kong team which won 67 gold, 50 silver and 37 bronze medals, its best ever result, at the 2007 Special Olympics World Summer Games held on 2-11 October in Shanghai, China. A total of 111 athletes represented Hong Kong in 10 events at the Games.

Hammer thrower Leung Yee-mei wins a gold medal at the Thailand Open Track and Field Championships

Hong Kong hammer thrower Leung Yee-mei took the Women's Open Hammer Throw title at the Thailand Open Track and Field Championship held on 5-8 October in Bangkok, Thailand.

  Back row in the middle: Leung Yee-mei

Athletics team (HKSAM) wins 3 medals at the 6th INAS-FID Athletics World Championships

The Hong Kong athletics team of the Hong Kong Sports Association for the Mentally Handicapped won 3 bronze medals at the 6th INAS-FID Athletics World Championships held on 16-23 September in Fortaleza, Brazil.

Athlete Event Medal
Cheung Che-wai Men's 100m Bronze medal
Cheung Che-wai Men's 400m Bronze medal
Cheung Che-wai,
Chow Chiu-keung,
Tang Cheuk-man,
Wong Mau-hom
Men's 4 x 400m Relay Bronze medal

From left: Cheung Che-wai, Tang Cheuk-man, Wong Mau-hom, Chow Chiu-keung

Badminton athlete Wang Chen wins a gold medal at the YONEX Chinese Taipei Grand Prix Gold

Hong Kong badminton athlete Wang Chen won the Women's Singles title at the YONEX Chinese Taipei Grand Prix Gold held on 18-23 September in Taipei, Taiwan. A total of 60 entries from 18 countries participated in the event.

Wheelchair fencing team wins 5 medals at the IWAS World Wheelchair & Amputee Games

The Hong Kong wheelchair fencing team won 3 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal at the IWAS World Wheelchair & Amputee Games held on 13-16 September in Taipei, Taiwan.

Athlete Event Medal
Chan Wing-kin Men's Sabre Individual
Gold medal
Cheong Meng-chai Men's Sabre Individual
Silver medal
Cheong Meng-chai Men's Foil Individual
(Cat. A)
Bronze medal
Hui Charn-hung Men's Foil Individual
(Cat. B)
Gold medal
Chan Wing-kin
Cheong Meng-chai
Hui Charn-hung
Wong Tang-tat
Men's Foil Team
Gold medal
  From left: Cheong Meng-chai, Chan Wing-kin
(Photo provided by the Hong Kong Paralympic Committee & Sports Association for the Physically Disabled)

Table tennis team wins 5 medals at the 18th Asian Table Tennis Championships

The Hong Kong table tennis team won 1 silver and 4 bronze medals at the 18th Asian Table Tennis Championships held on 17-23 September in Yangzhou, China.




Tie Yana, Ko Lai-chak

Mixed Doubles

Silver medal

Tie Yana, Zhang Rui

Women's Doubles

Bronze medal

Jiang Hua-jun, Lin Ling, Tie Yana
Yu Kwok-see, Zhang Rui

Women's Team

Bronze medal

Ko Lai-chak

Men's Singles

Bronze medal

Cheung Yuk, Leung Chu-yan, Li Ching
Ko Lai-chak, Tang Peng

Men's Team

Bronze medal

Women's Team
From left: Zhang Rui, Jiang Hua-jun, Li Hui-fen (HKSI Table Tennis Coach), Lin Ling, Tie Yana, Yu Kwok-see
Men's Team
From left: Chan Kong-wah (HKSI Table Tennis Coach), Tang Peng, Li Ching, Yue Kwok-leung (HKTTA Chairman), Leung Chu-yan, Cheung Yuk, Ko Lai-chak

Table tennis team wins 2 medals at the World Team Cup

The Hong Kong table tennis team won 1 silver and 1 bronze medal at the World Team Cup held on 5-7 October in Magdeburg, Germany.




Lau Sui-fei, Lin Ling
Tie yana, Zhang Rui

Women's Team

Bronze medal

Cheung Yuk, Ko Lai-chak
Leung Chu-yan, Li Ching

Men's Team

Silver medal

Men's Team
From left: Leung Chu-yan, Li Ching, Chan Kong-wah (HKSI Table Tennis Coach), Cheung Yuk, Ko Lai-chak


Tenpin bowler Chan Shuk-han wins a bronze medal at the 9th Chinese Taipei International Open

Hong Kong tenpin bowler Chan Shuk-han won a bronze medal in the Women's Open Finals of the 9th Chinese Taipei International Open held on 6-13 October in Taipei, Taiwan.

Tenpin bowler Tsang Pak-kei wins a bronze medal at the ABF Tour Hong Kong

Hong Kong tenpin bowler Tsang Pak-kei won a bronze medal in the Men's Event of the ABF Tour Hong Kong held on 23 September in Hong Kong.

Tenpin bowling team wins 2 medals at the 33rd Hong Kong International Open Bowling Championships

The Hong Kong tenpin bowling team won 1 gold and 1 bronze medal at the 33rd Hong Kong International Open Bowling Championships held on 14-22 September in Hong Kong.

Athlete Event Medal
Yip Ka-yan Women's Singles Finals Bronze medal
Wu Siu-hong Men's Singles Finals Gold medal

Wu Siu-hong

First left: Yip Ka-yan

Elite results roundup (15 August - 14 September)

Name Event Position/ No. of Entries
Yonex Open Japan Super Series 2007 Wang Chen Women's Singles 5th/ 44
(11/9/2007, Tokyo, Japan) Yip Pui-yin 5th/ 44
Chan Yan-kit Men's Singles 5th/ 44
Body Building
Asian Men's Bodybuilding Championships Chan Yun-to Men's Welter Weight Under 75 kg 1st/ 14
(28/8/2007, Shanghai, China)
Asian Cycling Championships 2007 Wong Wan-yiu Women's 24km Points Race 2nd/ 16
(3/9/2007, Bangkok, Thailand)
Chan Chun-hing Men's 196km Individual Road Race 3rd/ 16
Asian Fencing Championships Lui Sabrina Women's Epee Individual 8th/ 49
(22/8/2007, Nantong, China) Yeung Chui-ling 5th/ 49
Au Yeung Wai-sum Women's Sabre Individual 6th/ 46
Cheng Yuk-han Women's Epee Team 3rd/ 14
Hui Pik-hung
Lui Sabrina
Yeung Chui-ling
Au Sin-ying Women's Sabre Team 3rd/ 11
Au Yeung Wai-sum
Chow Tsz-ki
Lau Hei-man
Lau Kwok-kin Men's Foil Individual 7th/ 68
Lam Hin-chung Men's Sabre Individual 6th/ 60
Cheung Siu-lun Men's Foil Team 3rd/ 16
Chu Wing-hong
Lau Kwok-kin
Ngan Kwoon-yat
Lam Hin-chung Men's Sabre Team 5th/ 16
Lok Ka-fai
Low Ho-tin
Tse Yu-ming
AKF Senior Karatedo Championships Chan Ka-man Women's Individual Kumite Below 60kg 3rd/ 15
(24/8/2007, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
SAM - Swimming
5th NAS-FID World Swimming Championships Tang Suk-man Women's 50M Backstroke 3rd/ 20
(19/8/2007, Ghent, Belgium)
Leung Shu-hang Women's 200M Backstroke 3rd/ 11
Women's 100M Breaststroke 1st/ 11
Women's 200M Breaststroke 1st/ 11
Women's 200M Individual Medley 1st/ 17
Chow Yuen-ying Women's 100M Freestyle 2nd/ 25
Women's 200M Freestyle 3rd/ 16
Women's 800M Freestyle 3rd/ 11
Chow Yuen-ying Women's 4x50M Medley 1st/ 4
Leung Shu-hang
Tang Chui-fan
Tang Suk-man
Tan Kai-hung Men's 50M Butterfly 1st/ 20
Men's 100M Butterfly 2nd/ 18
Lee Chun-sang Men's 4x100M Medley 3rd/ 8
Tan Kai-hung
Wong Ka-chung
Yeung Chi-sum
World Junior Women's Squash Championships 2007 Au Wing-chi Girls' Singles 3rd/ 106
(16/8/2007, Hong Kong)
Au Wing-chi Girls' Team 4th/ 24
Leung Shin-nga
Liu Tsz-ling
Tong Tsz-wing
5th Asian Age Group Swimming Championships Chung Yan-ting Girls' 50M Backstroke (14 yrs & under) 1st/ 14
(27/8/2007, Jakarta, Indonesia)
Chan Kin-lok Girls' 50M Backstroke (14 yrs & under) 4th/ 14
Girls' 50M Butterfly (14 yrs & under) 3rd/ 15
Girls' 100M Butterfly (14 yrs & under) 4th/ 13
Luk Yan Girls' 400M Freestyle (14 yrs & under) 1st/ 9
Lau Sin-yu Girls' 50M Backstroke (15-17 yrs) 4th/ 16
Girls' 100M Backstroke (15-17 yrs) 3rd/ 13
Lau Yan-ki Girls' 50M Breaststroke (15-17 yrs) 4th/ 17
Girls' 100M Breaststroke (15-17 yrs) 3rd/ 13
Shum Nga-yan Girls' 200M Breaststroke (15-17 yrs) 3rd/ 10
Chan Ka-ka Girls' 50M Butterfly (15-17 yrs) 3rd/ 12
Siu Tin-wai Girls' 100M Butterfly (15-17 yrs) 1st/ 9
Town Ka-hang Girls' 200M Butterfly (15-17 yrs) 1st/ 4
Girls' 400M Freestyle (15-17 yrs) 1st/ 9
Girls' 800M Freestyle (15-17 yrs) 1st/ 6
Chow Sin-hang Girls' 200M Freestyle (15-17 yrs) 3rd/ 12
Ho Sin-wing Girls' 200M Individual Medley (15-17 yrs) 4th/ 11
Tse Kin-hay 2nd/ 11
Suen Ka-yi Girls' 50M Breaststroke (18 yrs & over) 1st/ 7
Girls' 100M Breaststroke (18 yrs & over) 2nd/ 6
Girls' 50M Butterfly (18 yrs & over) 3rd/ 10
Lee Leong-kwai Girls' 50M Freestyle (18 yrs & over) 4th/ 12
Fung Wing-yan Girls' 400M Freestyle (18 yrs & over) 3rd/ 7
Chu Kam-yin Boys' 200M Backstroke (18 yrs & over) 4th/ 11
Boys' 200M Individual Medley (18 yrs & over) 5th/ 15
Tenpin Bowling
14th Asian Youth Tenpin Bowling Championship Kam Siu-lun Boy's Doubles 4th/ 38
(18/8/2007, Jakarta, Indonesia) Tseng Tak-hin
China National Championships Chan King-yin RS:X Men 3rd/ 23
(7/9/2007, Rizhao, China)

International Scientific Symposium - Elite young athletes: biopsychosocial approaches to sporting excellence

The Hong Kong Sports Institute (HKSI) is organising a two-day International Scientific Symposium (ISS) to be held on 15-16 March 2008 in Hong Kong, with the main theme being "Elite young athletes: biopsychosocial approaches to sporting excellence ".

The two-day event will bring together international and local experts to share the latest knowledge on evidence-based best practice in nurturing and empowering young gifted athletes to excel through systematic programmes geared toward their specific developmental needs.

In addition to keynote lectures, there will be a symposium on preventing burnout in elite young athletes, workshops, and free papers presented by participants. We cordially invite you to join us.

For registration free and papers submission, please visit the ISS website: , or contact the Symposium Secretariat at 2681 6130, by email at .

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Ms Chung, Public Affairs & Marketing Department at 2681 6532.

New series of "Our Home Our Country IV" television commercials highlight Hong Kong athletes' sporting spirit

The Government television announcement in the public interests "Our Home Our Country IV" is featuring local athletes in the latest episode "Sporting Achievements of Hong Kong". The episode highlights how hard Hong Kong athletes train and do their best to bring medal honours to Hong Kong and contribute to the country's increasing reputation in elite sports.

The new series aims at illustrating how Hong Kong people can utilise their strengths, do their best and contribute into the development of the country. The television announcement is produced by the Working Group on National Education, which was jointly set up by the Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education and Commission on Youth in mid 2004. The section on athletes will be broadcasted at ATV Home, TVB Jade, Cable News and Cable Financial Information channels on 5 - 11 November.

Disney magazine features athletes

The HKSI is collaborating with the Family Learning Association monthly magazine Disney Magazine - The magazine for wits and fun to portray our elite and promising junior athletes from the 13 elite sports and the 2 disabled sports in a special sport feature series starting from June 2007. The Feature aims to highlight Hong Kong athletes, demonstrating their positive attitude towards life, coping with challenges and overcoming difficulties, thus enhancing the interests of public especially that of youngsters towards our athletes and Hong Kong sport.

The Disney Magazine - The magazine for wits and fun has a circulation of 100,000, targeting local kindergarten, primary and secondary school students. Interviews of athletes including table tennis players Ko Lai-chak and Ng Wing-nam, windsurfers Chan King-yin and Chan Hei-man, wushu athletes Angie Tsang and Fung Wing-see, as well as tenpin bowlers Wu Siu-hong and Tsang Pak-kei have been published, and coverage on the remaining sports and athletes are under progress. Apart from the special sport features, the magazine has initiated a number of activities for readers, such as the recruitment of young sport reporters and the 2008 HKSI slogan competition, to let them have a better understanding on athletes' training lives and bring cheer to the athletes.

A new TV series covers athletes' preparation for the Olympics

Athletes are becoming the focal point of the media and the public during the countdown to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. East Asia Television (broadcast on NOW channel 536 /HK Broadband channel 9) has specially presented a 13-episode series, "Road to Olympics", to cover athletes' training and preparation for the Games. It has been broadcast in the programme, "Hong Kong Today", every Wednesday from 9:00pm to 10:30pm since 26 September.

Cyclist Wong Kam-po and Wheelchair fencer Yu Chui-yee win the title of The Ten Outstanding Young Persons

The HKSI would like to congratulate cyclist Wong Kam-po and wheelchair fencer Yu Chui-yee for being selected as awardees of "The Ten Outstanding Young Persons Selection 2007". Both are world champions in their respective sports and each has achieved numerous medals for Hong Kong with the same philosophy of "Never give up".

Wheelchair fencer Yu Chui-yee was invited as guest-of-honour of Ladies' Purse Day race

Wheelchair fencer, Yu Chui-yee, awardee of "The 35th Ten Outstanding Young Persons Selection" and a 4-gold medallist at the Athens 2004 Paralympic Games in women's wheelchair fencing, was invited by the Hong Kong Jockey Club as a guest-of-honour to present the trophy at the Sa Sa Ladies' Purse Day on 14 October.

Cyclist Lee Wai-sze participates in a promotion event

The 2007 Asian Track Cup Women's Keirin race silver medallist Lee Wai-sze was invited to the Stayfree® female personal products promotional event on 13 October and shared together with artiste Linda Chung their experiences and ways demonstrating self-confidence. Lee indicated that her next target is to achieve even better results in the World Track Cup and Asian Track Cup to be held in coming November and December respectively.

From left : Linda Chung, Lee Wai-sze


New references at the Sports Information Centre (SIC)

Fitness cycling
(SIC call no.: GV1041 .B37 2006)

Written by Dede Demet Barry, Michael Barry and Shannon Sovndal, and published by Human Kinetics in 2006, this training guide covers the essentials of cycling, including equipment, workouts and programmes, and fitness assessment. The first part of the book covers the basics: choosing equipment, ways to individualise training programme and prevent injuries. The second and third parts describe workouts and training programmes which help improve cyclists' physical conditioning and performance. Cycling coaches, trainers and athletes will find it useful.

Tendinopathy in athletes
(SIC call no.: RD688 .T45 2007)

Edited by Savio L-Y. Woo, Per A.F.H. Renstorm and Steven P. Arnoczky, and published by Blackwell in 2007, this book collects papers and research findings on tendinopathy written by scientists and clinicians from different countries. This book covers both the basic science and clinical applications of tendinopathy. The authors discuss the full range of treatment modalities, including new molecular and biological approaches, plus surgical and alternative approaches to tendinopathy. Future research directions are suggested at the end of each chapter. Clinicians and people who investigate tendon injuries may find it useful.