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Sports Bulletin Jun 2007


I. Sporting Achievements

II. Other News

Fencing team wins 7 medals at the Asian Junior & Cadet Fencing Championships

The Hong Kong fencing team won 2 silver and 5 bronze medals at the Asian Junior & Cadet Fencing Championships held on 1-9 July in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Athlete Event Medal

Ma Cheuk-kwan

Women's Cadet Epee

Bronze medal

Chan Sin-yan, Lo Pan-pan,
Tang Yin-ni, Yeung Hiu-ching

Women's Team Epee

Bronze medal

Yeung Hee-ming

Women's Cadet Foil

Bronze medal

Fong Yi-tak

Women's Cadet Sabre

Silver medal

Fong Yi-tak

Women's Junior Sabre

Bronze medal

Ho Siu-in

Women's Cadet Sabre

Bronze medal

Au Sin-ying, Fong Yi-tak,
Ho Siu-in, Lau Hiu-man

Women's Team Sabre

Silver medal

Women's Epee team Women's Sabre team

Squash player Chiu Wing-yin takes women's singles title at the NSC Super Satellite No.2

Hong Kong squash player Chiu Wing-yin captured the women's singles title at the NSC Super Satellite No.2 held on 13-17 June in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Table tennis team wins 2 medals at the ITTF Pro Tour Japan Open

The Hong Kong table tennis team won 2 bronze medals at the ITTF Pro Tour Japan Open held on 21-24 June in Chiba, Japan.

Athlete Event Medal
Jiang Hua-jun Women's singles Bronze medal
Lau Sui-fei, Lin Ling Women's doubles Bronze medal

Table tennis team wins 4 medals at the ITTF Pro Tour Korea Open

The Hong Kong table tennis team won 1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals at the ITTF Pro Tour Korea Open held on 14-17 June in Seongnam, Korea.

Athlete Event Medal
Jiang Hua-jun Women's singles Gold medal
Lin Ling Women's singles Silver medal
Tie Yana Women's singles Bronze medal
Jiang Hua-jun, Tie Yana Women's doubles Bronze medal

Tenpin bowler Wu Siu-hong captures the masters title of the 36th Philippines International Open

Hong Kong tenpin bowler Wu Siu-hong captured the men's masters title of the 36th Philippines International Open held on 2-14 June in Manila, the Philippines.

Tenpin bowler Wu Siu-hong wins a silver medal at the H.H. Emir Cup title

Hong Kong tenpin bowler Wu Siu-hong won a silver medal at the H.H. Emir Cup held on 15-26 June in Doha, Qatar.

Triathlete Lee Chi-wo wins a bronze medal at the Shichigahama ITU Triathlon Asian Cup

Hong Kong triathlete Lee Chi-wo won a bronze medal in the male elite event at the Shichigahama ITU Triathlon Asian Cup held on 1 July in Shichigahama, Japan.

Elite results roundup (15 May íV 14 June)

Name Event Position /
No. of Entries
KLRC New Zealand Open 2007 Yip Pui-yin Women's Singles 3rd/64
(15/5/2007,   Auckland, New Zealand) Zhou Mi 1st/ 64
Njoto Albertus Susanto Men's Doubles 2nd/ 32
Wiratama Yohan Hadikusumo
Chau Hoi-wah Mixed Doubles 3rd/ 33
Putra Alroy Tanama
Sudirman Cup Mixed Team Championships 2007 Chan Yan-kit Mixed Team Event 7th/ 48
(11/6/2007, Glasgow, Scotland) Chau Hoi-wah
Koon Wai-chee
Ng Wei
Njoto Albertus Susanto
Wiratama Yohan Hadikusumo
Yip Pui-yin
2007 FIE Women`s Sabre World Cup Grand Prix Chow Tsz-ki Women's Sabre 2nd/ 116
(1/6/2007, Tianjin, China)
Subway Goshen Open 2007 Chiu Wing-yin Women's Single 1st/ 20
(15/5/2007, Indiana, USA)
Table Tennis
Liebherr 2007 World Table Tennis Championships Ko Lai-chak Men's Doubles 3rd/ 265
(21/5/2007, Zagreb, Croatia) Li Ching
Ko Lai-chak Mixed Doubles 3rd/ 300
Tie Yana
Jiang Hua-jun 5th/ 300
Leung Chu-yan
Lin Ling 5th/ 300
Tang Peng
2007 Volkswagen Open - Korea Jiang Hua-jun Women's Singles 1st/ 72
(14/6/2007, Seongnam, Korea) Lin Ling 2nd/ 72
Tie Yana 3rd/ 72
Jiang Hua-jun Women's Doubles 3rd/ 36
Tie Yana
Yu Kwok-see Women's Singles (U21) 3rd/ 29
16th Asian Triathlon Championships Lee Chi-wo Elite Male 5th/ 38
(1/6/2007, Sorak, Korea)
Chan Ye-ko U23 Male 7th/ 33
Breitling Regatta 2007 Chan Wai-kei RS:X Women 6th/ 26
(27/5/2007, Medemblik, Netherlands)
Chan King-yin RS:X Men 6th/ 55
Ho Chi-ho 2nd/ 55

Honours achieved by 25 sports officials and athletes

Congratulations to the following sports officials and athletes who have been honoured on the Hong Kong SAR Government 2007 Honours List in recognition of their contribution to the community and sports development.

Bronze Bauhinia Star

Chan Chi-choi
Head Badminton Coach of the HKSI  

Ling Lau Yuet-fun, Laura
Vice President of the
Hong Kong Sports Association for the Mentally Handicapped

Wong Kam-po BBS MH
Cycling athlete

Yue Yun-hing
President of the
Hong Kong Tennis Association

Medal of Honour

Chan King-yin
Windsurfing athlete

Chan Yun-to
Bodybuilding athlete

Cheung King-wai
Cycling athlete

Ng Chak-lin
Honorary Secretary of the Hong Kong Paralympic Committee &

Sports Association for the Physically Disabled

Wang Chen
Badminton athlete

Yu Li-guang
Head Wushu Coach of the HKSI

Chief Executive's Commendation for Community Service

Chan Kong-wah
Table Tennis Coach of the HKSI

Chan Wai-kei
Windsurfing athlete

Cheng Ka-ho
Wushu athlete

Cheung Che-wai
Athletics athlete (HKSAM)

Chow Yuen-ying
Swimming athlete (HKSAM)

Fan Pui-shan
Wheelchair fencing athlete (HKSAP)

Hei Zhi-hong
Wushu athlete

  Ho Chi-ho
Windsurfing athlete

Lee Chi-wo
Triathlon athlete

Professor Leung Mee-lee
Honorary Deputy Secretary General of the Sports Federation &

Olympic Committee of Hong Kong , China

Tang Suk-man
Swimming athlete (HKSAM)

Tie Yana
Table Tennis athlete

Angie Tsang
Wushu athlete

Yip Pui-yin
Badminton athlete

Zhang Rui
Table Tennis athlete

HKSI Chairman Dr Eric Li shares views on sport sponsorship in Cable TV "Money Café"

Dr Eric Li, Chairman of the HKSI was interviewed by Cable TV "Money Café" on 5 July to share his views on the growing trend of sport sponsorship in Hong Kong.

Dr Li explained that it is the continued growth in sporting success of Hong Kong's elite athletes, which, in turn drives more business organisations towards sports sponsorship as a form of marketing communication. The HKSI plays a role in facilitating the sponsorship process and various forms of sponsorship, including cash incentives to high achieving athletes, product or service endorsements by high profile athletes, and funding of coach education programmes, have been secured during the past few years. Recently, there has been a significant increase in the number of enquiries inviting athletes to promote corporations and products. The number of confirmed collaborations between corporations and athletes during April to early July this year has exceeded that of last year by 40%.

Dr Li agreed that sport sponsorship provided an important supplementary source of funding to compliment that of the Government, for elite athlete development. Additionally, through sponsorship related publicity activities elite athletes can provide a positive and healthy role-model influence for the community.

Athletes' core "business" is to produce results at the highest levels of international sports. Nevertheless, the sports sector should and will continue to explore opportunities with the commercial sector to bring about a mutually beneficial collaboration.

Shuttler Yip Pui-yin to carry the Olympic Flame for Hong Kong

"Coca-Cola" announced on July 4 that shuttler Yip Pui-yin had been appointed as one of its torchbearers in the 2008 Olympic Torch Relay. Together with the other two torchbearers, artist Jacky Cheung and high academic achiever Li Ki-kwong, Yip will help bring the flame home to Beijing as the Olympic torch blazes. A promotional video featuring Yip was broadcast on the event day and Yip will attend other Olympic Torch Relay promotional activities at a later date.

Wong Kam-po advocates positive messages to the general public

World champion cyclist Wong Kam-po has won numerous major international cycling events over the years. He is widely recognised and highly appreciated by the general public for his sporting achievements as well as his relentless work ethic and perseverance. Owing to his positive image, Wong Kam-po has been invited by various organisations to attend activities to pass on his positive attitude to the public. Wong Kam-po attended a charity event organised by the HK School of Motoring on 14 June, to promote environmental driving and thus enhancing the knowledge of environmental preservation among the general public. The activity also helped solicit donations for Oxfam Hong Kong.

As the Honorary Ambassador of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, Wong participated in an unprecedented contest between a racehorse and a cyclist in mid June. He rode 2,400 metres alone at the Long Gang International Cycling Course in Shenzhen to challenge the track-record time of 2:24:6 set by champion racehorse Viva Pataca over the same distance, which won the Hong Kong Champions and Chater Cup at Sha Tin Racecourse on 3 June. Wong Kam-po clocked 2:43:6 over the course. Despite falling short of Viva Pataca by 19 seconds, Wong enjoyed the contest and felt it was meaningful to advocate the sports of horse racing and cycling in such an interesting and innovative way.

The Hongkong Bank Foundation Continuing Coach Education Programme (CCEP)

A seminar on "Preparing athletes for training/ competition in the heat" organised by the Hong Kong Coaching Committee was held on 30 June and 13 July at the HKSI. Raymond So, HKSI Sports Physiologist and Sports Science & Medicine Coordinator, outlined the physiological responses to heat, the acclimatisation strategies for training in the heat and emergency problems. Around 100 coaches attended the seminar.

New references at the Sports Information Centre (SIC)

Sports marketing (3rd edition)
(SIC call no.: GV716 .M84 2007)

Written by Bernard J. Mullin, Stephen Hardy and William A. Sutton, and published by Human Kinetics in 2007, the text incorporates all areas of marketing into a sport-specific context. The latest edition has the latest developments in sports marketing, expands the chapter on sports marketing research and updates the chapter on the future of sport marketing. There is also a new chapter on managing sports brands. This book will help readers understand and apply key sports marketing concepts. It is a useful reference for sports marketing practitioners.

Sports Nutrition: a practice manual for professionals (4th edition)
(SIC call no.: TX361 .A8S673 2006)

Edited by Marie Dunford and Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutritionists Dietetic Practice Group, and published by American Dietetic Association in 2006, this book reviews the current scientific literature, analyses and synthesises the results, and interprets those findings with recommendations. It highlights the important effects of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, fluids and dietary supplements for sports performance. It also provides specific dietary guidelines for athletes. Dietitians, strength coaches, and athletic trainers will find it useful.