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Sports Bulletin March 2006


I. Sporting Achievements

II. Other News

Tenpin bowling team achieves historical results of 2 gold and 1 silver at the 9th Asian Schools Tenpin Bowling Championship

The Hong Kong bowling team won 2 gold and 1 silver, its best ever result at the 9th Asian Schools Tenpin Bowling Championship held on 3¡V8 April in Bangkok, Thailand.

Tsang Pak-kei won the Boy's Masters finals and became the first Hong Kong bowler to win a gold medal in this event. In the Boy's Team event, Tsang Pak-kei, Lin Ka-yat, Kam Siu-lun, Tseng Tak-hin won a gold medal; Tsang Pak-kei also won a silver medal in the Boy's All Events.

New Hong Kong records at the 8th World Swimming Championships

The Hong Kong Sports Institute (¡¥HKSI¡¦) congratulates the swimming team for setting 3 new Hong Kong records including: women¡¦s 4x100m freestyle relay, women¡¦s 4x100m medley relay, and women¡¦s 4x200m freestyle relay, at the 8th World Swimming Championships held on 5-9 April in Shanghai, China.


New HK record

Previous HK Record

Women's 4x100m freestyle relay

3:44.12 3:51.93

Women's 4x100m medley relay

4:10.13 4:17.66

Women's 4x200m freestyle relay

8:17.32 8:19.50

Badminton athlete Wang Chen successfully defended her Asian Badminton Championships women's singles title

Hong Kong badminton athlete Wang Chen won her third Asian Badminton Championships women¡¦s singles title at the Asian Badminton Championships held on 28 March ¡V 2 April in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Wang previously won the title in 2005 and 2003.


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Windsurfing athletes win 4 medals at the 12th Asian Sailing Championships

Hong Kong windsurfing athletes won 3 gold and 1 silver medals at the 12th Asian Sailing Championships held on 16 ¡V 25 March in Doha, Qatar:




Chan Wai-kei

Mistral (Women)

Gold medal

Ho Chi-ho

Mistral Men (Heavy Weight)

Gold medal

Chan King-yin

Mistral Men (Light Weight)

Gold medal

Cheng Kwok-fai

Mistral Men (Light Weight)

Silver medal

As Hong Kong athletes will be competing in the 2006 Asian Games to be held in Doha in November, the success of the windsurfing athletes will boost their confidence in obtaining goods results at the Games.

Elite results roundup (15 February ¡V 14 March)

Name Event Position / No. of Entry
13th Asian Squash Championships Chiu Wing-yin Women's Individual 2nd/ 32
(20/2/2006, Taipei) Mak Pui-hin 3rd/ 32
Chiu Wing-yin Women's Team 2nd/ 8
Lau Siu-ying
Mak Pui-hin
Ng Jia-yunn
Khan Abdul Faheem Men's Team 5th/ 12
Lau Siu-wai
Ngan Lun-cheung
Wong Wai-hang
7th Asian Swimming Championships Wilson Hannah Women - 50 Butterfly 4th/ 19
(5/3/2006, Singapore) Sze Hang-yu 5th/ 19
Wilson Hannah Women - 100 Butterfly 4th/ 19
Sze Hang-yu 6th/ 19
Suen Ka-yi Women - 50 Breast-stroke 3rd/ 17
Suen Ka-yi Women - 100 Breast-stroke 6th/ 18
Tse Kin-hay Women - 200 Breast-stroke 6th/ 17
Wilson Hannah Women - 50 Freestyle 1st/ 20
Sze Hang-yu 7th/ 20
Wilson Hannah Women - 100 Freestyle 1st/ 20
Sze Hang-yu 6th/ 20
Chan Wing-lim Men - 100 Freestyle 6th/ 23
Yee Hoi-ping Men - 50 Back-stroke 6th/ 19
Chan Wing-lim Men - 4 x 100 Freestyle Relay 3rd/ 10
Cheah Geoffrey
Cheung Siu-hang
Yee Hoi-ping
Table Tennis
2006 Kuwait International Open - Salwa Cup Lau Sui-fei Women's Doubles 2nd/ 19
(21/2/2006, Kuwait City) Lin Ling
Tie Yana 5th/ 19
Zhang Rui
Ko Lai-chak Men's Singles 3rd/ 104
Li Ching 5th/ 104
Ko Lai-chak Men's Doubles 2nd/ 24
Li Ching
Leung Chu-yan 3rd/ 24
Cheung Yuk
Wheelchair Fencing
Wheelchair Fencing World Cup - Hong Kong Fan Pui-shan Women's Individual Foil Cat A 3rd/ 12
(23/2/2006, Hong Kong) Yu Chui-yee 1st/ 12
Chan Yui-chong Women's Individual Foil Cat B 1st/ 10
Yu Chui-yee Women's Individual Epee Cat A 1st/ 12
Chan Yui-chong Women's Individual Epee Cat B 1st/ 10
Chan Yui-chong Women's Epee Team 2nd/ 11
Chung Yuen-ping
Fan Pui-shan
Yu Chui-yee
Cho Ping 3rd/ 11
Ng Justine Chariss
Wong Kit-mui
Chung Ting-ching Men's Individual Foil Cat B 5th/ 17
Hui Charn-hung 2nd/17
Cheong Meng-chai Men's Individual Sabre Cat A 5th/ 19
Hui Charn-hung Men's Individual Sabre Cat B 2nd/ 10
Cheong Meng-chai Men's Foil Team 3rd/ 28
Chan Wing-kin
Chung Ting-ching
Hui Charn-hung

Hong Kong Sports Institute's Athlete Incentive Awards Scheme

The HKSI encourages and recognises the successful sporting achievements of Hong Kong athletes at the 15th Asian Games and the 9th Far East and South Pacific Games for the Disabled (FESPIC) through the Athlete Incentive Awards Scheme for Major Games.

The Scheme was launched by the HKSI in 1994 and offers cash awards to medallists. With support from the commercial and public sectors, Hong Kong delegations have achieved noteworthy results over the past decade.

Continuing corporate and individual support to the Scheme in form of additional cash incentives to provide extra support for Hong Kong athletes in the pursuit of sporting excellence is most welcome.

For details about the Scheme and sponsorship arrangement, please contact Ms Chung at 2681 6532 or Ms Leung at 2681 6370 of the HKSI Public Affairs & Marketing Department.

'Sport Scholarship Scheme' seminar

An introductory seminar on the¡¥Sport Scholarship Scheme¡¦ was held on 4 March at the HKSI, in collaboration with the Institute of Human Performance of the University of Hong Kong. A total of 12 athletes attended the seminar. The aim of the seminar was to give an overview of the Scheme to student athletes who are interested in applying to study at the University.

Personal development workshops on life skills

A workshop on Systematic and Creative Thinking was held on 30 - 31 March at the HKSI. Dr Paul H. Chung came and shared his expertise on the topic with HKSI athletes. Dr Chung has designed training programmes for various government departments, major corporations and secondary schools. He is also the Principal Consultant of Corporate Training Projects at the Hong Kong Management Association. A total of 30 athletes participated in the workshop where they were introduced to various creative thinking techniques and how to use these in their daily lives. 

Philippines Congressman visited HKSI

Philippines Congressman Abdullah Dimaporo paid a visit to the HKSI on 13 April. He toured the HKSI to understand the elite sports training system in Hong Kong .

Sports Council for Northern Ireland visited HKSI

Gerry Carson, Vice-Chairman of the Sports Council for Northern Ireland , paid a visit to the HKSI on 6 April. He toured the HKSI facilities and exchanged views with the HKSI management in the area of elite training and athlete support.


Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs visited HKSI


Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor JP, Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs, accompanied by Home Affairs Bureau officials paid a visit to the HKSI on 27 March. They toured the HKSI and met with the HKSI Board of Directors, senior management and Head Coaches to gain a better understanding of the operations of the Institute.

New Reference at the Sports Information Centre (SIC)

Movement system variability

Edited by Keith Davids, Simon Bennett and Karl Newell, and published by Human Kinetics, this book examines the nature and role of variability in human movement sciences. It provides different levels of analyses and findings on the movement system. The editors illustrate scientific studies gathered on human movement behavior with charts to make the information clear and easy to understand. Sports science professionals and coaches will find it useful.

Elite sports development: policy learning and political priorities

Written by Mick Green and Barrie Houlihan and published by Routledge in 2005, this book investigates the development of elite sport policies in various countries including Australia , Canada and the United Kingdom . It highlights problems faced by governments and national governing bodies in establishing a suitable elite sport development infrastructure. Furthermore, it discusses the rationale behind elite sport investment, the relationship between government and national governing bodies, the impact of elite sport investment on "sports for all", and the selection of individual sports for priority funding. This book will prove useful to planners or professionals in sports development.