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Sports Bulletin Vol.3, 2013


I. Sporting Achievements (1 - 28 February)

II. Other News

Badminton team wins 3 medals at the YONEX Dutch Junior

The Hong Kong badminton team won 1 silver and 2 bronze medals at the YONEX Dutch Junior held on 27 February - 3 March in Haarlem, Netherlands.

Athlete Event Medal
Ng Wing-yung Women's Singles Bronze
Cheung Ying-mei, Yuen Sin-ying Women's Doubles Bronze
Ng Wing-yung, Tang Chun-man Mixed Doubles Silver

Cycling athlete Lee Wai-sze wins 2 medals at the UCI Track Cycling World Championships

Cycling athlete Lee Wai-sze won a gold and a bronze medal at the UCI Track Cycling World Championships held on 20 - 24 February in Minsk, Belarus.

Athlete Event Medal
Lee Wai-sze 500m Time Trial, Women Elite Gold
Lee Wai-sze Sprint, Women Elite Bronze
Middle¡GLee Wai-sze
Right¡GLee Wai-sze

Squash team wins 2 medals at the 16th Asian Junior Team Championships

The Hong Kong squash team won a silver and a bronze medal at the 16th Asian Junior Team Championships held on 20 - 24 February in Seoul, Korea.

Athlete Event Medal
Chan Pui-hei, Choi Uen-shan, Ho Ka-po, Ho Tze-lok Girls' Team Silver
Leung Chi-hin, Lo Cheuk-hin, Wong Chi-him, Yeung Ho-wai Boys' Team Bronze
From left : Lau Cheuk-chi (Sport Physiotherapist, HKSI), Chiu Wing-yin (Assistant Squash Coach, HKSI), Leung Kan-fai (Squash Coach, HKSI), Choi Uen-shan, Lo Cheuk-hin, Ho Ka-po, Wong Chi-him, Ho Tze-lok, Leung Chi-hin, Chan Pui-hei, Yeung Ho-wai, Wong Wai-hang (Assistant Squash Coach, HKSI)

Table tennis team wins 7 medals at the Italian Junior & Cadet Open - ITTF Premium Junior Circuit

The Hong Kong table tennis team won 3 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze medals at the Italian Junior & Cadet Open - ITTF Premium Junior Circuit held on 27 February - 3 March in Lignano, Italy.

Athlete Event Medal
Soo Wai-yam Cadet Girls' Singles Gold
Mak Tze-wing, Soo Wai-yam Cadet Girls' Doubles Gold
Lam Yee-lok Junior Girls' Singles Gold
Soo Wai-yam Junior Girls' Singles Bronze
Hung Ka-tak Junior Boys' Singles Bronze
Lam Yee-lok, Mak Tze-wing, Soo Wai-yam Junior Girls' Team Silver
Hung Ka-tak, Lam Siu-hang, Li Hon-ming Junior Boys' Team Bronze

Table tennis athlete Lee Ho-ching wins a bronze medal at the ITTF World Tour, Qatar Open, Super Series

Table tennis athlete Lee Ho-ching won a bronze medal in the Women's Singles (U21) event at the ITTF World Tour, Qatar Open, Super Series held on 20 - 24 February in Doha, Qatar.

Elite results roundup (1 - 31 January)
  Name Event Position / No. Of Entries
VICTOR Korea Open  Wong Wing-ki  Men's Singles 3rd/ 44
(8/1/2013, Seoul, South Korea)  
Billiard Sports  
Betfair German Masters Fu Ka-chun  Individual 2nd/ 96
(30/1/2013, Berlin, Germany)  
World Track Cup, series 3   Series 3 Lee Wai-sze Sprint, Women 3rd/ 28
(17/1/2013, Aguascalientes, Mexico)  
Karate1 Premiere League - Paris Ma Man-sum Senior Female Individual Kumite - 55kg 3rd/ 28
(15/1/2013, Paris, France)  
The Meadowood Pharmacy Open Chan Ho-ling  Women's Singles 2nd/ 23
(29/1/2013, Winnipeg, Canada)  
Table Tennis  
ITTF World Tour, Spanish Open Lee Ho-ching Women's Singles (U21) 3rd/ 32
(17/1/2013, Almeria, Spain)  
Ng Wing-nam Women's Singles (U21) 1st/ 32
  Jiang Huajun Women's Singles 1st/ 54
  Lee Ho-ching Women's Singles 3rd/ 54
ITTF Global Junior Circuit Finals Li Ching-wan Junior Girls' Singles 3rd/ 16
(25/1/2013, Guatemala)

HKSI signs Memorandum of Collaboration with Sichuan Institute of Sports Skill

The signing of the Memorandum of Collaboration with the Sichuan Institute of Sports Skill (SISS) was conducted on 1 March. This marks an important milestone in closer ties between the Hong Kong Sports Institute (HKSI) and the SISS and provides a clear platform for cooperation in the area of sports science, sports medicine, and athlete education and whole person development. Having signed collaboration agreement with other major counterpart institutions in mainland China in the past, the HKSI will continue its drive to formalising its Asian links to enhance scientific sports training support for elite athletes.

From left : Mr Xu Zhengzheng (Chinese Medicine Coordinator, HKSI), Mr Ko Lai-chak, (Table Tennis Coach, HKSI), Mr Li Sing-chung (Vice-Chairman, HKSI), Ms Margaret Siu (Director, High Performance Management, HKSI), Mr He Yiming (Head Badminton Coach, HKSI)

Sport Talent Identification and Development Symposium

To allow potentially talented youngsters to be directed earlier to sports training and identify more good athletes, the HKSI has put an increased effort to enhance its coordination and implementation of Talent Identification (TID) programme, based on its five-year strategic plan. Apart from using its expertise in elite sports training and sports science, the HKSI is also committed to strengthening exchanges with its international counterparts in the area of sport talent identification, with an aim to achieve further development in the field.

TID Programme was first launched in Japan in 2004 with significantly positive results. Two renowned founders of the programme, Mr Takahiro Waku, Director of Department of Information and International Relations of Japan Sport Council and Mr Takashi Katsuta, Senior Researcher/Visiting Professor of University of Tsukuba, were invited to host a symposium titled ¡§Sport Talent Identification and Development¡¨ on 8 - 9 March.

The symposium attracted over 70 participants including local sport administrators, sports scientists and medical professionals, coaches and athletes. It served as an important milestone for knowledge exchange on TID between Japan and Hong Kong.

Two experts from Japan hosted a series of lectures and workshop, to share their experience and facilitate knowledge exchange on sport talent identification.
From left: Dr Trisha Leahy (Chief Executive, HKSI), Mr Takashi Katsuta (Senior Researcher/Visiting Professor of University of Tsukuba), Mr Takahiro Waku (Director of Department of Information and International Relations of Japan Sport Council), Dr Yoriko Noguchi (Project Manager of Department of Information and International Relations of Japan Sport Council), Dr Raymond So (Director of Elite Training Science and Technology, HKSI).

First Olympism Camp

Jointly organised by the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China (Federation) and the HKSI, the first Olympism Camp was held between 20 and 22 February at the Salvation Army Bradbury Camp, Cheung Chau attracted 35 elite athletes¡¦ participation. The Hon Ma Fung-kwok SBS JP, Legislative Councillor representing the Sports, Performing Arts, Culture and Publication Functional Constituency, Ms Petty Lai, Acting Deputy Secretary (Recreation and Sports) of the Home Affairs Bureau, Mr Pang Chung SBS, Honorary Secretary General of the Federation cum Acting Chairman of the Hong Kong Olympic Academy and Mr Carlson Tong JP, Chairman of the HKSI, officiated at the opening ceremony on the first day.

The Olympism Camp aims at helping athletes to understand the importance of Olympism and Olympic values through lectures, morning exercises, team building activities and competitions. It is expected that athletes not only demonstrate these values in their sporting career, but also in their daily lives.

Wong Kam-po and Lee Wai-sze honoured as HKSPA Best Male and Female Athletes of 2012

Cyclist-turned-coach Wong Kam-po and London Olympic bronze medal winning cyclist Lee Wai-sze were elected as the best male and female athletes of 2012 respectively at a presentation ceremony hosted by the Hong Kong Sports Press Association on 26 February. The awards serve as a recognition of the athletes¡¦ efforts in international competitions as well as their sporting spirit. The HKSI would like to congratulate Wong and Lee on their achievements, and looks forward to their continued commitment to their sporting career.

From left: Wong Kam-po, Lee Wai-sze

(Photo provided by Sing Tao Daily)

New titles at the Sports Information Centre (SIC)
Sport public relations : managing stakeholder communication
(Call no. : GV714 .S77 2012)
The book features all aspects of public relations in sport, covering updates on new media, corporate social responsibility, and legal and ethical issues for sport organisations. It also gives out the samples of media releases, credentials letters, media guides and key terms that illustrates to work better preparation for public relations. This new edition is an indispensable resource for sport management professional and students studying sport management.
The complete guide to postural training
(Call no. : RA781.5 .P38 2008)

The guide provides a systematic and easy-to-follow approach to improve postures which can lead to enormous benefits in health, physical fitness, and even improve sports performance. It explains that posture not only affects our movement, but also increases our strength and level of performance, reducing the risk of injury. This book is a useful reference for sport professional to improve and enhance their postures and alignment.