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Sports Library Online Catalogue User Guide

Sports Library Online Catalogue
Click “Sports Library Online Catalogue” in the Sports Library web site

I. To view your circulation record
1. Select “Circulation record” option from the left-hand menu
2. Enter your Patron ID
3. Enter your password*: Default password is HKID Card No. : For example, if HKID Card No. is H123456(A), please enter H123456A.
4. Click “Logon”
From your circulation record, you may:

- check the items you have borrowed,
- check the items you have reserved,
- check overdue materials,
- renew a borrowed item, and check your fines.

* You may change your default password by clicking the “Change Password” from the left-hand menu, the new password accommodates up to 10 digits composed of either letters or numerals or a combination of both.

II. To renew an item
To renew an item, click “Item No.” of the borrowed material at your circulation record. A message will appear to confirm your renewal.

Renewals must be made on or before the due date; otherwise an overdue fine will be incurred. User may renew an item either through the Web online catalogue or at the Sports Library. An item is NOT ELIGIBLE FOR RENEWAL if : i. it is reserved by other users, or ii. it has been renewed TWICE.

III. To reserve an item
1. It will be shown in the record if the item you look for is on loan.
2. Click “Reserve?” from the “Status” of the item record.
3. A “Please logon to make reservation” screen will appear.
4. Enter your Patron ID and password.
5. Click the “Reserve” button.
6. A message will appear to confirm the reservation.

For enquiries, please call 2681 6130 or email to