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House Rules

  1. Opening Hours
    Monday to Friday 11:00 to 19:00
    Saturday 10:00 to 16:00
    Sunday and Public Holidays Closed
    The Sports Library (the Library) is open to the general public. Only members of the Sports Library are entitled to borrow its materials. Membership application forms are available at the loan counter or download here.
  2. Membership Categories
    1. Ordinary member (Resident of Hong Kong, aged 12 or above)
    2. Post secondary student member (Full time or part time students of all member universities/colleges of the University Sports Federation of Hong Kong, China*)
    3. National Sports Associations' current officials or full time staff
    4. Accredited Coaches of the Coach Accreditation Programme
    5. Holder of Certificate in Sports Coaching Theory (Foundation/Advanced)
    6. Hong Kong Sports Institute Limited staff
    7. Hong Kong Sports Institute Limited scholarship athlete
    8. Honorary members (as recommended by the Library Management)
  3. Registration
    1. Any person, 12 years old or above, who wants to borrow the library materials may apply for an Accredited User Card which is not transferable. Each accreditation is valid for a period of ONE year.
    2. An annual membership fee of HK$100 will be charged for each accreditation. (Current officials or full-time staff of the National Sports Associations, Accredited Coaches of the Coach Accreditation Programme, Holder of Certificate in Sports Coaching Theory (Foundation/Advanced) may enjoy half price membership fee; while an annual membership fee of HK$20 will be charged for post secondary student member)
  4. Membership Privileges
    1. Any individual member may borrow up to a maximum of ten items for a period of twenty-eight days. The course/reference materials of the Bachelor of Education in Sports Training Course lend to the course students only with the loan period of seven days.
    2. All audio-visual materials, periodicals and reference materials, unless approved by the Library Management, will not be available for loan.
    3. When borrowing materials, the member must produce his/her Accredited User Card in person.
  5. Borrowing, Renewal and Reservation Procedures
    1. All loans and returns should be processed at the loan counter at the Library.
    2. Loaned material can be renewed at the loan counter or via the Sports Library Online Catalogue, by clicking "Circulation Record" and login into your record. Material reserved by another user will not be renewed.
    3. Not more than two consecutive renewals may be made for one loaned item.
    4. User may reserve loaned materials through Sports Library Online Catalogue. He/She will be notified by phone when the material is available. The reserved item will be kept at the loan counter for seven days starting from the day of notification.
    5. Loaned material will be treated as a lost item if it is not returned to the Library within two weeks after sending the last overdue notice.
  6. Fines for Late Return
    1. An overdue fine of HK$1 (one dollar) per working day per item is charged. Calculation of fine will commence immediately on the day following the due date.
    2. A maximum overdue fine of HK$40 will be levied on each material.
    3. Overdue notices to borrowers will be issued fourteen days after the due date. Non-receipt of such notice will not be accepted as an excuse for waiving or reducing fines for overdue items.
    4. Refusing to pay for a fine will result in automatic suspension of membership privileges.
  7. Report Lost and Damage
    1. Loss or damage of the library materials must be reported to our staff immediately. A replacement fee will be charged for any loss or irresponsible damage caused by users, and overdue fine(s) will also be charged as applicable. Details are as follows:
      Material Type Replacement Cost
      Book Full item value* plus HK$20 for binding and handling charge
      Accompany material of book Full item value* plus HK$20 for binding and handling charge
      Box of AV material HK$5
      Due Date Card HK$2
      *Minimum charge would be HK$100 for no value record item
  8.  Conduct of Users
  9. Others
    1. No raincoats or umbrellas may be brought into the Library. Users can leave their raincoats or umbrellas in the umbrella stand in the library before entering.
    2. Any change of personal data should be reported to the Library as soon as possible.
    3. Any loss of user card should be reported to the Library immediately. A replacement fee of HK$25 will be charged.
  10. Exclusion
    1. Any borrower who refuses to pay for material lost while on loan to him/her, or refuses to pay fines accrued on overdue items will have their user privileges suspended.
    2. Breaching of the House Rules may result in the cancellation of borrowing and user privileges.
    3. The on-duty Officer reserves the right to dismiss any user from the Library premises who violates the House Rules or acts in any manner that interferes with the comfort or convenience of other users.
  11. Waiving of the House Rules
    The Library has the discretion to waive any of the above House Rules if he/she believes it is deemed necessary to meet the particular circumstance of an individual library user, as long as there is no detrimental effect on other users or on the library services as a whole.

* Members of the University Sports Federation of Hong Kong, China include: Chu Hai College of Higher Education, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, Hong Kong Shue Yan University, Lingnan University, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The Education University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and The University of Hong Kong.