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Sports Bulletin September 2005


I. Sporting Achievements


II. Other News


Hong Kong athletes win 4 medals in the cycling and athletics events at the 10th National Games of the People's Republic of China (10th National Games)

The Hong Kong delegation won 1 gold and 3 bronze medals in the cycling and athletics events, at the 10th National Games held in October in Nanjing, China. A total of 178 athletes competed in 23 events this year.

Cyclist Steven Wong was awarded the first gold medal in the Games in the men's BMX race. Cyclist Wong Kam-po won two bronze medals at the men's 40km points race and the men's individual road race respectively. In athletics, runner Tang Yik-chun won a bronze medal at the men's 200m race.


New Hong Kong men's 4x100m relay record set at the 10th National Games

The HKSI congratulated the athletics team for setting a new Hong Kong record at 39.75" (previous Hong Kong record was 39.77") in the preliminary round of the men's 4x100m relay event of the 10th National Games held in late October in Nanjing, China.


Boccia athletes (SAP) win 14 medals at the Asian & South Pacific Boccia Championships

Boccia athletes (SAP) achieved excellent results, winning 4 gold, 4 silver and 6 bronze medals, at the Asian & South Pacific Boccia Championships held in mid-September in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Twelve teams with over 100 athletes from different countries including New Zealand, Australia, China, Japan and Korea, participated in the event.



Athletic team (SAM) wins a gold medal at the 5th INAS-FID Athletics World Championships

The Athletic Team (SAM) won a gold medal in the 4x400m event at the 5th INAS-FID Athletics World Championships held in late September in Canberra, Australia.

Over 200 world's best athletes, from more than 20 different countries competed at this world championship event for the intellectually disabled.


Badminton player Wang Chen takes women singles' title at both Indonesian Open Badminton Championships and Asian Badminton Championships

Badminton player Wang Chen defeated Dutch player Mia Audina Tjiptawan to win the women singles' title at the Indonesian Open 2005 Badminton Championships held in late September in Jarkata, Indonesia. Wang also defeated Japanese player Mori Kaori to win the women singles' title at the Asian Badminton Championships 2005 held in early September in Hyderabad, India.


Bowler Tsang Pak-kei becomes the youngest-ever champion of the ABF Tour

Tsang Pak-kei, aged 16, captured the Men's title of the Asian Bowling Federation (ABF) Tour Hong Kong leg held in mid-September, and became the youngest-ever champion of the Tour.

Tsang was identified through the 2003 Star of Tomorrow V Tenpin Bowling Talent Identification Programme, organized by the Hong Kong Tenpin Bowling Congress and supported by the HKSI. He was recruited into the National Youth Squad in 2003, and became a scholarship athlete of the HKSI early this year.

The ABF Tour is the only tenpin bowling tour in Asia to confer Asian ranking points.


X Outstanding achievements of elite athletes (15 August V 14 September 2005)

No. of Entry
Asian Athletics Championships Tang Yik-chun Men's 200m
4th/ 20
(4/9/2005, Inchon )
World Badminton Championships 2005 Wang Chen Women's Single
5th/ 64
(15/8/2005, Los Angeles )
Aviva-Cofco China Masters Badminton Championships 2005 Ng Wei Men's Singles
5th/ 32
(29/8/2005, Beijing )
Asian Badminton Championships 2005 Wang Chen Women's Single
1st/ 39
(6/9/2005, Hyderabad )
Koon Wai-chee Women's Doubles
5th/ 32
Li Wing-mui
Ng Wei Men's Singles
3rd/ 64
Njoto Albertus Susanto Men's Doubles
5th/ 36
Wiratama Y. Hadikusum
Li Wing-mui Mixed Doubles
3rd/ 32
Njoto Albertus Susanto
4th Asian Age Group Championships Town Jennifer Girl's - 200 Free (14 yrs & under)
2nd/ 17
(19/8/2005, Bangkok )
Town Jennifer Girl's - 400 Free (14 yrs & under)
1st/ 16
Tse Kin-hay Girl's - 50 Breast (14 yrs & under)
2nd/ 15
Tse Kin-hay Girl's - 200 Breast (14 yrs & under)
1st/ 11
Town Jennifer Girl's - 50 Butterfly (14 yrs & under)
1st/ 19
Town Jennifer Girl's - 100 Butterfly (14 yrs & under)
4th/ 19
Town Jennifer Girl's - 200 Butterfly (14 yrs & under)
3rd/ 13
Tse Kin-hay Girl's - 200 Ind Medley (14 yrs & under)
3rd/ 15
Tse Kin-hay Girl's - 400 Ind Medley (14 yrs & under)
3rd/ 14
Fung Wing-yan Girl's - 50 Free (15-17 yrs)
8th/ 23
Sze Hang-yu
1st/ 23
Fung Wing-yan Girl's - 100 Free (15-17 yrs)
4th/ 20
Sze Hang-yu
1st/ 20
Ng Ka-man Girl's - 200 Free (15-17 yrs)
5th/ 14
Ho Sin-wing Girl's - 400 Free (15-17 yrs)
5th/ 17
Ng Ka-man
1st/ 17
Lau Sin-yu Girl's - 50 Backstroke (15-17 yrs)
3rd/ 19
  Lau Sin-yu Girl's - 100 Backstroke (15-17 yrs)
4th/ 15
  Sze Hang-yu Girl's - 50 Butterfly (15-17 yrs)
1st/ 19
Sze Hang-yu Girl's - 100 Butterfly (15-17 yrs)
1st/ 18
Ho Sin-wing Girl's - 200 Ind Medley (15-17 yrs)
3rd/ 13
Li Nga-man
4th/ 13
Fung Wing-yan Girl's - 4x100 Free Relay(15-17 yrs)
2nd/ 8
Li Nga-man
Ng Ka-man
Sze Hang-yu
Fung Wing-yan Girl's - 4x200 Free Relay(15-17 yrs)
2nd/ 8
Li Nga-man
Ng Ka-man
Sze Hang-yu
Suen Ka-yi Girl's - 50 Breast (18 yrs & over)
2nd/ 6
Suen Ka-yi Girl's - 100 Breast (18 yrs & over)
2nd/ 6
Wong Hiu-nam Girl's - 200 Breast (18 yrs & over)
2nd/ 7
Lau Hok-lam Girl's - 100 Butterfly (18 yrs & over)
3rd/ 10
Lau Hok-lam Girl's - 200 Butterfly (18 yrs & over)
1st/ 6
Siu Kevin Boys - 50 Free (15-17 yrs)
7th/ 28
Tse Macgyver
3rd/ 28
Tse Macgyver Boys - 100 Free (15-17 yrs)
3rd/ 31
Cheng Ka-ho Boys - 1500 Free (15-17 yrs)
2nd/ 16
Cheah Geoffrey Boys - 50 Backstroke (15-17 yrs)
3rd/ 25
Tse Macgyver
6th/ 25
Cheah Geoffrey Boys - 200 Backstroke (15-17 yrs)
5th/ 20
Chu Kam-yin Boys - 200 Ind Medley (15-17 yrs)
5th/ 28
Chu Kam-yin Boys - 400 Ind Medley (15-17 yrs)
4th/ 18
Cheah Geoffrey Boys - 4x100 Free Relay(15-17 yrs)
2nd/ 14
Cheung Siu-hang
Siu Kevin
Tse Macgyver
Cheah Geoffrey Boys - 4x200 Free Relay(15-17 yrs)
3rd/ 13
Cheng Ka-ho
Cheung Siu-hang
Chu Kam-yin
2005 Asian Tennis Championships Chan Wing-yau Women's Singles
5th/ 32
(5/9/2005, Uzbekistan )
Chan Wing-yau Women's Doubles
5th/ 16
Lam Po-kuen
Table Tennis
The 17th Asian Table Tennis Championships Lau Sui-fei Women's Singles
2nd/ 128
(27/8/2005, Jeju ) Lin Ling
Leung Chu-yan Men's Singles
5th/ 128
Li Ching
2nd/ 128
Tie Yana Women's Doubles
3rd/ 32
Zhang Rui
Lin Ling
5th/ 32
Song Ah-sim
Ko Lai-chak Men's Doubles
1st/ 64
Li Ching
Cheung Yuk
5th/ 64
Leung Chu-yan
Lau Sui-fei Women's Team
1st/ 16
Lin Ling
Song Ah-sim
Tie Yana
Zhang Rui
Cheung Yuk Men's Team
3rd/ 25
Ko Lai-chak
Leung Chu-yan
Li Ching
Tse Ka Chun
Ko Lai-chak Mixed Doubles
3rd/ 128
Zhang Rui
Panasonic China Grand Prix Table Tennis Championships 2005 Ko Lai-chak Men's Singles
3rd/ 39
(8/9/2005, Harbin )
Swimming (SAM)
4th INAS-FID World Swimming Championships Tang Suk-man Women's - 100 Backstroke  
3rd/ 10
(3/9/2005, Liberec )
Leung Shu-hang Women's - 200 Backstroke  
2nd/ 7
Chow Yuen-ying Women's - 200 Freestyle
2nd/ 15
Chow Yuen-ying Women's - 100 Butterfly
3rd/ 11
Leung Shu-hang Women's - 50 Breaststroke
2nd/ 15
Leung Shu-hang Women's - 200 Breaststroke
1st/ 10
Leung Shu-hang Women's - 200 Ind Medley
1st/ 9
Leung Shu-hang Women's - 400 Ind Medley
1st/ 6


Hong Kong Sports Institute Chairman hosts a dinner for the sports community

Dr Li Ka-cheung, Chairman of the HKSI hosted a dinner at the Penthouse, Hang Seng Bank Headquarters on 5 October, as a gesture of appreciation to the sports community for their contributions to the growing success of elite athletes. Over 40 guests from the Home Affairs Bureau, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, National Sports Associations, and other parties attended the dinner.


International Scientific Symposium V The Emerging Science and Practice of Recovery

The HKSI is organising a two-day International Scientific Symposium between 24-25 February 2006. The Symposium is supported by the International Federation of Sports Medicine, the CUHK-WHO Collaborating Centre for Sports Medicine and Health Promotion, and the Hong Kong Association of Sports Medicine & Sports Science. The Symposium focuses on the planning and integration of systematic recovery programming, targeting the needs of athletes and coaches within the Asia-Pacific region. Renowned speakers in the field have been invited to share their expertise through keynote presentations and an expert panel discussion. This will be a great opportunity to share expertise and get the most up-to-date scientific knowledge from experts in the field.

For registration, please visit

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact the Symposium Secretariat at 2681 6130, or via email at



The Executive Director of Luxembourg Olympic Committee visits HKSI

Heinz Thews, Executive Director of Luxembourg Olympic Committee visited the HKSI to explore the training facilities for their Olympic teams. The delegation was welcomed by HKSI Management and toured the HKSI sports facilities, sports residence, fitness training centre and sports science laboratories.



2003 FISA World Rowing Championships (DVD)
Produced by the International Rowing Federation and published by FISA DVD Production in 2003, the DVD contains 24 finals of single sculls, double sculls, quadruple sculls, pairs and coxed pairs, fours and coxed fours, and eights. It also provides comprehensive commentation and schedule.

Tigger point and myofascial therapy (Video)
Hosted by D. Kostopoulos and published by SLACK Incorporated in 2005, this video demonstrates treatment techniques in trigger point and myofascial therapy and proprioceptive training, with anatomical pictures of pain pattern muscle. The presenter also suggests home exercises that can help prevent injury.